Misrepresentation Claims and Fraud

There are many different forms of fraud including common law fraud, fraud by nondisclosure, and statutory fraud. Each of these occurrences has a few things in common, the main underlying factor being dishonesty and a result of significant financial loss.

Fraud occurs most commonly when:

  • False representation of fact is made
  • There is knowledge of the false representation
  • There is an intention to trick or hide information

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Fraud and misrepresentation occur frequently, often due to the fact that the responsible parties are not brought to trial or held accountable for their actions - until now. When you retain the legal services of Dan Gattis, his priority is to ensure that your rights are protected, regardless of your position at trial. He can work together with you to resolve this matter swiftly and effectively.

If you have been affected financially by fraud or misrepresentation, you may have legal recourse. If you are being accused of fraud or misrepresentation, he can work to protect your good name. The Georgetown lawyer at the Gattis Law Firm has the experience and resources necessary to fight on your behalf.